Kyle Buthod

A lover of all things photography, missions based, college ministry and people. I am an entrepreneur and non-profit organizer. I am grateful that I can incorporate, develop and grow all my passions in life.

Houston Photo co. | fotopop

Photography Ventures

COVID-19 has forced us to close our retail space, but we need support from patrons like yourself now more than ever. Below, we’ve listed the best ways to help us through this season.

Our full product line is still available online here on our site! Getting outside and hiking is still something you can do. Get your gear now!

Since we've changed the way we operate to online only, and to ensure your safety, not all our staff is working. Donate to keep them afloat.

My love for people and photography has lead me to documenting some amazing experiences, from war-torn Africa to family portraits in Texas. I capture connection and do that with the two ventures to the left, Houston Photo Co. and event photo booths with FotoPop. Check them out and scroll down to learn more about my internationally focused photography venture, Come Alive.

Citizens Truck Logo

This beautiful vintage 1948 Chevy Farm truck turned drink & dessert truck is one of a kind! Whether you want a cup of a freshly roasted coffee, a refreshingly fruity acai bowl, a icy popsicle from Steel City Pops, or a glass of amazing tea - we've got your back! The truck is also open for rent or catering your next event. We serve drinks, desserts, treats and more!

Rooted Conferences Logo

Rooted aims to unite college students through the Gospel and local church by providing current university students the opportunity to build Godly relationships during a weekend conference at the beginning of the school year. The local church is essential to the growth and sanctification of believers. By inviting the active local churches on each university’s campus to the conference we are able to help provide resources, connections, and community for the students that attend, to help equip and grow them within the coming school year.

That said: we know that we love making sure you have the gear you need for your adventures, and we’re going to keep doing that - with our team - until the city tells us we can’t.

But as long as folks like yourself support small businesses around the city, then we’ll be here — every day, making sure your orders arrive on time.

Come Alive logo

See, hear and feel what God is doing in other nations through this unique art experience. Come Alive is fully immersive, ministry focused and forever impactful. The photos captured within the exhibit transport you to nations across the globe and allow you to share in God's work in communities that are far from your own.

Riding With Bentley Logo

Meet Bentley, a 3 year old miniature Australian Shepherd. Houston born and raised, Bentley is one of Houston’s all time favorite pups. She is known for her personality, expressive eyebrows, and jumps. You’ll often find her eating peanut butter, hanging out with her collection of stuffed animal friends or going on walks. Follow along with the adventures of your new favorite four legged friend!